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Anything But Ordinary

This moving tale of courage, wonder and self-discovery, teaches children- and adults, too- that happiness doesn’t come from the outside. It’s already inside each of us, always. We just have to remember to look up…

Safe on the banks of her Ordinary Pond, Zelda spends her days watching life happen all around her and daydreaming of what could be if she was one of the lucky ones. The good stuff- the best stuff- always happens for everyone else, but never for her. That is, until one unexpected day of adventure with new friends changes everything.

About the Author

An acclaimed writer among entrepreneurs around the globe, Erin Thomas has made it her mission in life to take big leaps. She even refers to herself as a ‘Professional Leaper!’

After earning a Masters degree and landing the ad agency job she’d always wanted, it didn’t take long to discover that none of it felt right. So she changed her mind. And her life.

In that moment, she committed to building a magnificent existence that is authentically, unapologetically, her- and helping others do the same. For Erin, it’s a life full of far-away lands, powerful storytelling, deep connections, joyous music, big love, unbridled freedom, endless play and giant slices of cake.

A Charleston, SC, native, Erin currently lives in Stuttgart, Germany, with her husband, daughter, a Boston Terrier, a French Bulldog and two cats who think they own the place. (They’re probably right.) Contact her directly at

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